E.G.’s [D&D v.3.5] – Session 37

The party has just slain five Orcs at a camp found in the forest near the Dwarven tomb. This camp is arranged to host many more Orcs – presumably a company on their way to join these advance scouts. Elroy Wick finds his friends just as they finish hiding the corpses off in the woods. Druidbarian Øskur Røgnvaldurarsøn is injured; the Bard casts two Cure Light Wounds and a Cure Moderate Wounds on him.

Cautiously navigating the underbrush, the party returns to the river bank and the tomb entrance. Elroy Wick (Listen = 26) turns an ear to the dark passageway leading underground and hears nothing. He steps aside for Goa Finnbjorn to steal in (Move Silently = 29) and take point (Hide = 37) in the first chamber. The Halfling Rogue calls her friends in from the daylight.

Wick, Magnus, and Corun Dum’man light lanterns. With a sense of urgency the six adventurers descend to the large temple-like chamber and its stone columns. The impassable magic door-wall and Øskur’s patched-over bore hole are as they were left. The hidden treasure of an entombed Dwarf king lies somewhere beyond this obstacle.

Dwarf Eberk asks for lantern-light, and examines the wall with his Stonecunning abilities. He decides that it is indeed a stone slab lowered from above during construction, and is maybe a foot thick ? The group debates the most effective way to cut an opening through the doorway with the Druidbarian’s Stone Shape spell. Øskur’s spell can only alter a limited volume of stone, so the geometry of his effort must efficiently penetrate an uncertain thickness of slab.

On their last visit, Corun Dum’man viewed the corridor beyond the wall with a Clairvoyance spell. Recalling when he looked at this doorway from the other side, the Wizard remembers (INT check = 18) how far from the inside face of the slab Øskur’s last Stone Shape portal emerged. Knowing the angle at which the Druidbarian tunneled from the outside, Corun does the math (INT check = 21) and safely estimates that the slab is, in fact, closer to three feet thick.

With this variable defined, Øskur casts a new Stone Shape spell – horizontally straight through the slab to a depth of three feet and in the shape of a cylinder. The opening is narrow but one at a time each person can squeeze through.

The party emerges into a long straight corridor; fifteen feet across, ten feet high, forty feet long and ending at a junction. The walls from ceiling down to shoulder-height are engraved with arcane script; below shoulder-height, the inscription is scratched or rubbed off. Corun Dum’man lifts a lantern and deciphers (Spellcraft = 19) the writing. It is a modified Circle of Protection spell, with a component of Dimensional Anchor. The Wizard saw this on the inside of the slab with his Clairvoyance spell last time.

Ahead, a T-intersection. The party draws weapons and creeps along the walls. When they step into the intersection, their light illuminates movement on both sides. Two groups of Lemures – six on the left, and six on the right !



The hideous, slug-like creatures are not a difficult challenge. Elroy Wick steps to the rear of the group and Inspires Courage and Inspirationally Boosts his friends with an extraordinary (Perform : Sing = 32) 3d6-gp-value battle hymn about the triumph of bronze and steel over the fleshy and squishy. Goa Finnbjorn draws her twin +1 short-swords, “Slice” and “Dice”, and charges to the left. Magnus backs her. The Druidbarian and the Dwarf Paragon attack the Lemures on the right. Corun Dum’man casts Light of Mercuria and blasts away with its Rays.

Slow and basically unintelligent, the Lemures shamble in and deal minor damage to the intruders. Øskur kills two of them; Magnus and Eberk, one each. Elroy Wick throws daggers, but “Turkey Carver” and “Spork” both pierce the jellied mass of a Lemure but fail to wound it.

Moments after Goa gains her first kill and Magnus claims another, humanoids rush from the right-hand corridor of the T-junction. Three Barbazu, or Bearded Devils, charge into the fight in support of the dwindling Lemures. Øskur Røgnvaldurarsøn has the best ears in the fight (Listen = 20) but even he does not hear the fourth Barbazu until it rounds the left-hand corner of the junction and attacks. The Bearded Devils carry glaives, which they put to use with vicious effect.

Barbazu (Bearded Devil)²

Barbazu (Bearded Devil)²

Six Lemures and four much more threatening Bearded Devils face off against the six party members. Elroy Wick throws “Family Heirloom” at a Barbazu but it does no damage. Pulling his short-sword “Homestead Avenger”, the Bard attempts to help in combat, but his singing is more effective than his swordplay. Fighter Magnus reads the combat situation and reacts appropriately. With two attacks each round and the ability to make a Cleave attack after felling a foe, Magnus wounds every foe within reach, slaying three Lemures and killing one of the Bearded Devils. At first quite effective, Dwarf Eberk is forced to withdraw from the fight early.

The Barbazu are crafty foes, more cunning by far than their Lemure allies. The Bearded Devils’ glaives tear at the party members, dealing Infernal Wounds that bleed profusely. It will take dedicated healing, outside of combat, to quell this loss. The worked stone floor is soon slick with the party’s blood. The adventurers press on.

Halfling Rogue Goa Finnbjorn is really getting the hang of two-weapon fighting. Comfortably ambidextrous, Goa dispatches another Lemure and capably tangles with a Barbazu, her twin blades flashing in the poor light. The Bearded Devil falls before her onslaught. Øskur Røgnvaldurarsøn has an easy go of these Devils. His Holy greatsword bypasses damage resistances and deals additional damage. The Druidbarian hacks the second-last Lemure in half, and then slays a Barbazu.

Mage Armour’d, Wizard Corun Dum’man tries his hand at quarterstaff combat, then resorts to Light of Mercuria. The Rays fail to overcome the Barbazus’ Spell Resistance, but he has a workaround – his Wand of Lesser Orb of Sound. This method works well, softening up the last Bearded Devil for Øskur to kill. Corun drops the last enemy, a hapless Lemure, with a Sound orb.

The fight is ended. Everyone is wounded but more significantly, everyone bleeds from the glaive wounds. Bard Wick patches up Magnus successfully, then stops his own blood loss. Druidbarian Øskur aids Eberk and himself. Goa Finnbjorn comes up with a useful salve; half a potato stops her bleeding, though the other half of the spud does nothing for Corun Dum’man’s problem. The Wizard heals himself, but is grateful for the Halfling’s effort.

With bleeding stopped, the healing begins. Wick gives Goa two Cure Moderate Wounds spells, and one to Magnus plus a Cure Light Wounds. Others choke down Orckish Draughts.

The corpses are checked. The Lemures are disgusting blobs and carry nothing of value. The Barbazu have nothing aside from low-quality glaives. Recovered from the fight, the party faces two options. Go to the left and then turn right around a corner; or go to the right and turn left around a corner. Both options seem just about the same.

(end of the session)


Party Treasure (session.37)

Party Treasure (session.37)


¹ Image isolated from D&D Monster Manual, illustration on page 51.

² Image isolated from D&D Monster Manual, illustration on page 52.



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