E.G.’s [D&D v.3.5] – B.P.’s take on S.41

Here’s what B.P. sent me, about Session 41 :

The heroic dwarf [B.P.’s Dwarf Paragon / Fighter / Dwarven Defender Eberk] led the caravan triumphantly back to town, where he met up with his battlemage companion [T.F.’s Human Warmage Armst]. The dwarf, itching for his new weapon, chatted with the gnomes who gave a him deal on the dwarven waraxe. After inspecting the weapon it was off to the local mage to enchant the weapon. With two days’ rest from battle and a new weapon in hand the battlemage and dwarf set out to find cash (having just spent his load on his weapon the dwarf needed to restock) and headed to the local pubs in the early morning.

The group came across some scouts chatting about winter wolves to the north around an abandoned village. The duo set out to hunt down the beasts on their trusty light warhorses. After a day’s ride the group arrived at the village and set up base camp, the dwarf looking around town looking for signs of wolves in the area and found none, the two adventurers rested for the night. The night passed by with no issues and upon first light set out north to recon the area, spending half the day using Survival to look for any trace the group headed back to the village.

While riding along the shores of the river both the mage and dwarf heard howling from the northwest and a second closer howl from the west (Listen check x 3). The two adventures figured out they were downwind from the beasts and decided to rest for the night before heading into a fight. The two hunkered down in a burnt out building they had used the night before and while the mage slept (dreaming of fire and blasts) the dwarf kept watch at the door.

Not hearing any sounds (failed Listen checks) but seeing the warhorses uneasy the dwarf awoke the sleeping mage just before he sees a warg enter the doorway, another to his right in a window and 2 goblins by the mage in windows. The battle was on.

The wargs surrounded the dwarf biting at him to no avail, and the goblins threw javelins at the mage hitting their target. The mage awoke and cast burning hands at a goblin before even getting out of bed and then stood up. The dwarf swung and hit the lead warg twice with his new shiny axe, before being bit by the second warg and pushed to the ground. The goblins moved in to attack the mage by the camp fire and found their mark. The mage, in turn, smote a goblin with his magic before turning to the other. The dwarf on his back attacked the first warg and then stood up and defended against attacks of opportunity but the wargs hit again, pushing the dwarf back on the ground.

The goblin swung and missed the mage but found a ball of fire being sent his way so he dodged the fire as it rolled by him. The dwarf attacked again, finding his intended target but as he got up a warg pounced on him sending him back to the ground. The beast, looking very wounded, didn’t hesitate to bite its prone prey. It attacked vigorously but missed. The goblin stabbed at his lone target but the ball of fire rolled on top of him, burning his flesh and making him scream.

The dwarf, sensing his target was weak, made a final blow that felled the beast before turning to meet his next opponent. The goblin, sensing the danger, jumped to the window scrambling for his life as the mage sent acid from his hands but missed. The goblin escaped into the night. The last warg lunged but missed his target and felt an axe hit it twice as a ball of fire was moved over it as well.

The battle mage, badly hurt, grabbed a potion. The warg moved from its spot, hitting the dwarf but not sending him to the ground. The mage moved the ball of fire over to his new friend the warg, burning the hair on its tail. Then the mage drank his potion. The dwarf swung wide, stumbling but regaining his footing, then tried again and hit the warg. The warg moved back into the doorway, snapping at the bleeding dwarf but missing. The mage moved the ball of flame and fired magic missiles from his hand, felling the beast.

The group searched the lone goblin corpse, finding a gem, some coins, and a potion. Still bleeding and knowing a fight was coming the dwarf chugged back two Orckish Draughts and two cure moderate like they were a mug full of beer. After assessing the situation and hearing more howls in the distance the group decided to retreat to the safety of town. Grabbing their trusted warhorses they rode like the wind. The mage cast light by which to see, and urgently they rode as fast in the night as they could.

Without hearing any more howls, but seeing the horses pushing themselves, they rode thru the night ’til daylight. As the sun rose in the air the two rested the horses and rode back to the safety of town for a cold pint.


Great summary, thanks again B.P. !!



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