Crown of the Dead [D&D v.3.5] – Character Build guidelines

All races, classes, and alignments are open. At any time, players may have their existing character “leave” the adventure, and a new one join up at the same Level and XP as the one who left. If you want to play a race that has a Level Adjustment, you’ll have to wait until your current character is at that level before swapping-in your Level Adjusted one. I’m unfamiliar with the mechanics of Psionics, but will allow them if players will grant me some inexperience-related leeway.

All books are available. Including the Book of Erotic Fantasy if anyone is daring enough to torrent a copy. And in keeping with M.H.’s tradition from D&D 2nd Edition, the 2nd Ed Complete Book of Humanoids and Oriental Adventures are both banned.

The attribute system will be POINT BUY starting at 8-8-8-8-8-8 and with 25 points to spend. Attributes from 9-14 cost 1 point each; 15, 16 cost 2 points each; 17, 18 costs 3 points each.

All characters get one (1) free Rank in the Crafting or Profession skill of their choice (this cannot exceed the “3+level” investment cap on Skill points). The setting is an expensive, survival-critical environment where skilled adventurers are most welcome. Side-businesses and professions will be a possibility for characters later on.

All characters get an additonal 200 gold, above what is rolled for the Starting Gold of their class. It is assumed all starting weapons, equipment, and gear is purchased at PHb list price before the characters depart on the caravan to get to our setting of Riddley’s Crown. It is further assumed the caravan fee has already been paid, outside of starting and bonus gold.

Food, lodging, and expenses will all be tracked (but not micromanaged by the DM). Personal finances will have a role in creating tension in this setting.

Because of the undead presence in the region, pack animals and mounts will be extremely difficult to handle. It is best that characters not bring any.

It will be left to the players to decide how (if at all) their characters know each other at the outset of the adventure.

There won’t be bonus XP awarded to bring seldom-attending, lower-level characters up to speed with frequent-playing characters. Characters will advance as fast or slow as they are present.



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