Crown of the Dead [D&D v.3.5] – Riddley’s Crown enclave

The stone-walled enclave of RIDDLEY’S CROWN.  The stone wall is shown in grey.  Stacked-stone, mortared, ~12-15 feet high, crude wooden walkway around its interior permits observation of surrounding lands.  The brown dots represent antipersonnel (read : anti-zombie) stakes.  The orange lines are wooden palisade wall.  The thin grey lines at the bottom represent where the beginnings of a trench have been dug.

1.  Stables.  There have not been horses here in a long time.  The stables are rented out as a covered camping spot, 1 gp per day.  No fires permitted in here due to fire-hazard.

2.  Administration Office.  Residence of WILLIAM LUMBERG, cleric of the Order of Bureaucracy (All Bonus Due Unto Its High Triumvirate: Seo, Exec-Veep, and Aish-Arr)  and local proxy for Lord Oakesworth.  Rents, Jobs Board, correspondence and special-orders handled here.

3.  Vacant building.  Available for rent – 400gp/month.  1-ss (stronghold-space) in size, was a crafting shop in years past.

4.  Dredburn’s residence.  Dwarf DREDBURN, local healer and trader, buy-and-sell.  Shop is cluttered but well-organized.  Good chance of having what you need.  Can order in from capital city – but gold up front, please.

5.  Blacksmith.  Elf LANNA RIIS, manufactures weapons and special-order items.  Regular, masterwork, magic.

6.  Main Hall.  A place to gather out of the elements, and have a drink and something to eat.  Tended by GENEVIEVE GOLDA GLENDA-GOODWITCH GRAYHART (who goes only by “Jenny”), a young half-Elf cook.

7.  Food storage building.  Root cellar and dry/cold-storage of the enclave’s foodstuffs.

8.  Bunkhouse.  Residence for travelers.  Half is barracks, bunks to sleep twenty people, 2 gp/day.  Three smaller, common-rooms each to sleep four people comfortably, 10 gp/day.  And two private rooms, very nice accomodation each for a single occupant, 20 gp/day.

9.  Equipment storage building.  A tool shed, effectively.

10.  A caravan wagon.  Similar to as pictured below.  Surrounded by and covered with wards, holy symbols, Protection From Evil sigils, everburning candles.  A gnome named GNORM lives in there.  Other residents of Riddley’s Crown don’t say much about him, and ask adventurers to respect his privacy and leave him be.

11.  Vacant building.  Available for rent – 600gp/month.  2-ss (stronghold-space) in size, was a merchant’s shop until 8-10 years ago.

12.  The Old Oak Tavern.  Closed, boarded up, available for rent – 1000gp/month.  Was a nice place, stage for a bard to perform, warm atmosphere, brewery in cellar.  Not enough business to keep it open.

13.  Sister Janus’s residence.  Human SISTER JANUS, middle-aged woman, eccentric; magic healer, forger of magic rings, potions, scrolls.  Residence is once and formal mini-temple, now a collection of diverse religious symbology and a comfortable sitting-room.

14.  Guard house.  Half-Orc Fighter NORRICK, captain of Riddley’s Crown’s security team.  Four half-Orc sentries; TARBUK and TEMSZ are swordsmen, BLENTS and COFFEY are bowmen.

15.  Well.  This well is the source of Riddley’s Crown’s drinking water, and the only safe, clean source for many miles around.


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