Crown of the Dead [D&D v.3.5] – Part 2

This adventure was Friday February 13, 2015. All players were present.

The group has been admitted to Riddley’s Crown. Inside the stone walls, the characters find a cramped little village. The ground is mud, covered over by wood planks in various states of rot. Firewood is stacked against the base of the perimeter wall. The buildings are weathered, in need of repair and paint. The group sees a girl (NPC cook JENNY) leaning against the unimpressive public-house that is the main hall.

Half-Orc swordsman Temsz takes the bag of valuables he got from the caravan master, into the administrator’s house. A very tough half-Orc (NPC guard-captain NORRICK) comes out of the guard house behind the group, and looks over the new arrivals.

Gnome Barbarian Wee Jack easily climbs to the shabby wooden walkway that provides lookout from the top of the wall. In the fading light, he completes a circuit of the wall, observing both the lands outside the walls, and the layout within. He returns to the group as a distinguished figure emerges from the administrator’s office.

Sauntering over to a comfortable chair, this slender figure collapses into his seat with an exhausted sigh. Some characters hear him address someone they cannot see (an Invisible Servant, correctly guessed by E.G. as player-knowledge) then see a sheet of paper, followed by a cup of water, float over to the man.

He introduces himself as ADMINISTRATOR LUMBERG (NPC) and gives a well-rehearsed, unenthusiastic speech about the rules of Riddley’s Crown. He warns about the undead outside the walls, and the dangers of the forests further north, and waives the enclave’s responsibility for the safety of anyone who ventures outside. Come nightfall, warnings will be sounded by trumpet, one blast an hour before sunset, two blasts a half-hour out, and three when the gates are locked at sunset, to remain closed until dawn. No entry is permitted at night, and during the day, everyone entering must submit to a Detect Undead scan. In a yawning, sleepy fashion Lumberg details the infractions that will result in expulsion from Riddley’s Crown.

Lumberg introduces guard captain Norrick, and when the Administrator pauses, a successful Sense Motive check by half the characters reveals that he doesn’t know the names of Norrick’s four half-Orc subordinates. Moving on, Lumberg mentions his services to send correspondence and special-orders back to the capital city; rental rates for accommodations; a Jobs Board; urges the newcomers to respect the residents, and to leave the caravan-wagon in the corner of the enclave alone.

For helping to carry in supplies for the enclave, Lumberg grants the characters a free night’s stay in the barracks. With a loud yawn, the Administrator answers a couple questions then rolls out of his chair and slouches back into his house.

The characters split up and explore the enclave. Jere Collado visits the blacksmith’s shop and meets LANNA RIIS, a female Elf. She is at work on her forge and in no mood for interruption. Collado examines her collection of slashing weapons for sale, then leaves.

Xorn heads off to the barracks to sleep. Ariana and Pfriem Darkstrong strike up conversation with Jenny in the main hall, purchasing drinks and dinner. They learn that almost no-one in the enclave has been here since it was founded; and no-one knows who Riddley was. Wee Jack settles near the fire and chews on dry rations he brought with him. Noomfoodle Gobbliegook Pann explores the enclave, peeking in on the closed-up tavern and shops.

Jacob Light-Bringer drops in on the house of SISTER JANUS (NPC), finding this middle-aged Human woman to be an absentminded, eccentric chatterbox who tends to ramble in circles. Her residence, long a dedicated temple-space in the small enclave, is adorned with symbology and trinkets from almost every common religion of the region. Jacob cannot determine which deity Janus follows, if any.

In the morning, the group leaves the enclave to go exploring. There is a garden about 200 meters east of Riddley’s Crown. Poorly fenced with woven stakes, the large plot of turned earth is overgrown from autumn and winter’s rest. Next month, migrant workers will come to Riddley’s Crown and start growing a bounty of fresh vegetables for the enclave. For now, the characters use their Survival skills to forage for food.

As they hunt through weeds and grass for edibles, they spot the same group of zombies they chased off yesterday. There are four zombies, all formerly human; one shirtless, a tall farmer, a female missing an arm, and a zombie with no jaw. The characters fight these enemies and manage to slay them all. Searching the rotted corpses, the group comes up with ten silver pieces, and a damaged waterskin.

Half-Orc Ranger Xorn was slashed by a zombie’s raking claws in combat. He fails his first Fort save, but an hour later Xorn makes a second Fort save and his zombie-plague infection is gone.


(end of Part 2)


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