Crown of the Dead [D&D v.3.5] – Part 4

This adventure was Friday February 27, 2015. All players were present except B.P. and K.D.

The group is slow to rise from their bedrolls when morning comes. Jacob Light-Bringer and Noomfoodle Gobbliegook Pann decide to spend the day on guard duty. Ariana enjoys breakfast in the Main Hall and flirts with Jenny. Pfriem Darkstrong and Wee Jack each pay blacksmith Lanna Riis a visit – the Cleric is interested in having an elaborate sketch turned into cast-iron for branding the casks of ale he plans to brew; Barbarian Wee Jack commissions Riis to fashion him a quality great-club, suited to his Gnomish stature. Then Pfriem drops in on Dwarf Dredburn and buys the importation of four pounds of malted barley and four brewer’s casks. Xorn and Jere Collado wait at the main gate for what seems like an hour.

When the group finally leaves the enclave, they are immediately set upon by a group of five zombies – three Humans, and Orc, and a Dwarf. It is a rough fight to start the adventuring day, but the living defeat the undead. Pfriem Darkstrong was slashed twice by a Human zombie and Wee Jack once by the Orc zombie, but both adventurers succeed on their Fort saves and are not infected.

As has become custom, the group forages in the weedy enclave garden a hundred yards east of Riddley’s Crown. Most everyone finds food enough to get them through the day. Then they take an hour to hunt for specific finds. Pfriem does not find any hops, but Ranger Xorn does. Jere finds a few rare spell components, and Ariana collects some decent herbs. The barbarian Gnome keeps watch for zombies.

Hiking east, the adventurers avoid encounters and reach the farmsteads. There is no sign of undead trespass; the cabins are as they were left. Finding a dirt track that leads north, the group decides to venture that way.

A few hundred yards along this path, towards what looks to be another farmstead, the group comes upon a bare, lumpy, mossy patch of earth. They edge closer, wary of this strange terrain. The ground begins to move. Before their eyes, the group sees eleven animated skeletons wrest themselves from the loam.

Ariana turns and runs. There are too many for her liking. The other adventurers hold their ground for the three rounds it takes the skeletons to rise from the dirt. Wee Jack rushes one of the skeletons and hacks at it. The Barbarian is alone in attacking the horde. The group fears they cannot win this fight, so they retreat. The sorceress had a good idea.

The skeletons follow, not keeping pace with the fleeing adventurers. Eventually the animated bonestacks turn back to familiar ground. Ariana and her associates make it back to the farmstead, and then decide to return to Riddley’s Crown and heal up.

Safely back in the enclave, the foragers find buyers for the goods they scavenged from the garden. Ariana swaps the herbs for a meal and drinks and coin from Jenny; Sister Janus takes interest in Jere’s spell components, suggesting she may have more for him to locate in the wild.

It is two hours after noon. The group decides to stay in town the rest of the day, and maybe try again tomorrow.


(end of Part 4)



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