Crown of the Dead [D&D v.3.5] – Critical Misses

Just a side-note in regards to Critical Misses – those unfortunate times when an attack roll on the d20 comes up a “1” and is confirmed by a roll that totals less than the target’s Armor Class.

The consequence of a Critical Miss has often been a custom feature of a given DM’s game.  In his 2nd Ed game, D.W. had a list of eight possible outcomes for a Critical Miss, decided by a d8 roll.  These included falling prone, a normal miss, hitting onesself, hitting an ally, breaking one’s weapon, throwing or dropping one’s weapon, and other such slapstickery.

In E.G.’s 3.5 Ed games, a Critical Miss provoked an Attack of Opportunity from a threatening opponent.

During Session 9, I realized I did not have a stated policy for Critical Misses.  So, in keeping with what I have done so far :

In CROWN OF THE DEAD, a confirmed Critical Miss immediately ends the unfortunate victim’s turn in that round of combat (they lose any further attacks, movement, or actions they might yet to have used).  In addition, they will be considered flat-footed (no DEX bonus to AC, and vulnerable to a Rogue’s Sneak Attack if applicable) until the start of their next turn (unless they have Uncanny Dodge or Improved Uncanny Dodge).



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