Crown of the Dead [D&D v.3.5] – Part 9

This adventure was Friday April 10, 2015. All players were present except T.F., G.R., T.R., and B.P.

Wee Jack and his group take a quick look around the outside of the farmhouse they have just cleared of zombies. There are more undead off in the distance, as usual – but none are headed this way. No ghasts lurk behind the house. The slain Ghast in the doorway continues to stink up the place.

Cleric Jere Collado recovers from his Ghast-induced paralysis. Half-Orc ranger Xorn and Gnome barbarian Wee Jack drag the four Dwarf-zombie corpses and the dead Ghast outside, pile them in the adjacent field, and set them on fire. Gnome rogue Noomfoodle Gobbliegook Pann assesses the hole chopped into the shutters. Making a Profession : Carpenter check, he expertly repairs the window using shutters salvaged from another farmhouse. Human paladin Raygar Brightblade stands off to the side and quietly disapproves of his associates.

The group seals up their new house and helps Jere Collado back to Riddley’s Crown. The Cleric will soon require a Fort save against contracting Ghoul Fever. After settling Collado into a nice warm bunk, Wee Jack brings Sister Janus the bag of licorice-root taken off the Ghast. It delights her, and settles the debt owed for yesterday’s Restorations. She hurries to the back room to brew licorice tea. Pann and his associates can only shake their head at Sister Janus’s eccentricities, and excuse themselves to step back outside.

There are zombies out there to fight, and daylight by which to do it. Pann, Brightblade, Wee Jack, and Xorn set off to the east. At the farmstead, they check that their cabins are still zombie-free. An old cart trail leads north. Raygar follows the others along this weedy path. Up ahead is where they came upon animated Skeletons the other day.

As expected, more than a dozen Skeletons absently loiter on the same mossy patch of earth. This could be a fun fight – Barbarian Wee Jack is excited to try out his new Masterwork greatclub. Rogue Pann wisely switches to blunt weapons. Ranger Xorn and Paladin Brightblade charge in. The party lacks Clerics who could Turn these enemies if the battle goes poorly, but they are eager to fight anyway.

The Skeletons are frightening in their quickness and zeal. Skeleton minions with spears and clubs mob the party’s front line. Three Skeletons in rags and carrying sickles find gaps through which to attack. A stronger Skeleton with a longspear stabs from outside of Xorn’s reach; another shelters behind a shield and thrusts with a shortspear. Hanging back, a leader in masterwork scale-mail and with a heavy flail appears to observe the conflict, not obliged to jump in and attack just yet.

The party is overwhelmed; half the group is almost unconsciousness, alive only because they managed to sneak Potions of Light Cure Light Wounds when prone and seemingly dead. The others are walking-wounded. Wee Jack and Xorn collaborate against their enemies and methodically even the odds. They, with their Paladin and with Pann’s invaluable assistance, wrest victory from the claws of defeat. When the lead Skeleton decides to engage, it does so too late in the fight to make a difference. This last enemy is broken down. Wee Jack takes it upon himself to smash all the bones to bits.

Sifting through the fragments left in the Gnome Barbarian’s wake, Xorn and Pann collect almost 4,500 silver pieces and five gems – one of which Appraises as a high-value Emerald. The armor, shield, and good weapons are retained. The rest is left behind. The group bandages themselves up and hikes back to the enclave.

The armor and weapons trade for gold with Blacksmith Lanna Riis. Dwarf trader Dredburn examines the gems, swapping two Cure Light Wounds potions for four of them. The fifth gem, the emerald, he Appraises at 1,100 gold. The party debates whether or not to sell it. In the end, they do – gold to spend now is preferable to a gem to save for later.

Looking for more potions, the group calls on Sister Janus. They buy two Cure Light Wounds and two Cure Moderate Wounds potions from her supply. Gnome Noomfoodle Gobbliegook Pann discovers that Janus has two Potions of Hide From Undead. Though Wee Jack and his half-Orc friend deride the purchase, Pann is sure these potions will come in handy some day.

The afternoon grows close to evening. Flush with cash, the party rents a private four-person room then treats themselves to expensive meals and quality drinks in the main hall to close out the day.


(end of Part 9)


Raygar Brightblade is now Level 3.

Noomfoodle Gobbliegook Pann is now Level 3.




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