Crown of the Dead [D&D v.3.5] – Part 17

This adventure was Friday July 10, 2015. T.F., E.G., B.P., A.T., and C.H. were present.

Cleric Jere Collado and Gnome Barbarian Wee Jack are leaving the blacksmith’s shop when they hear strange sounds coming from the other side of Riddley’s Crown. Paladin Raygar Brightblade and Cleric of Pelor Jacob Light-Bringer, stepping out of the rented storefront in which Noomfoodle Gobbliegook Pann naps when he should be adventuring, hear it as well – a chorus of wood-like creaks and cracks. Half-Orc Ranger Xorn is closest to the din; emerging from the stables, Xorn hears human groans and sharp intakes of breath.

The group converges on the disturbance, and finds the Corinthians limping and staggering out of Sister Janus’s shop, their rich leather armor the source of the noise. The six men are bloodied and quite obviously sore, though healing spells have just staunched the worst of their wounds. They lean on their spears and curse their foul fortune: a mossy patch of earth to the southwest, very near the bog, hid a half-dozen fearsome Skeletons. These were somehow far more than a match for the swift Corinthian skirmishers; Flexor Retinaculum and his men barely escaped after a pitched battle. Wee Jack eyes the Piercing-damage spears of the battered company and is quietly not-surprised that they fared poorly against animated bones.

Retinaculum and his warriors drag themselves over to the main hall to replace lost blood with red wine. Xorn correctly assumes they have soaked up all of Sister Janus’s healing spells for the day. Jacob Light-Bringer has spells to offer, but they hardly cover everyone’s needs. A good rest today and tonight should gain them back the health stolen away by the Southlander zombies they fought earlier. Then, tomorrow, the party can pick a fight with the Skeletons that foiled the Corinthians.

A restful afternoon and ideal sleep find the party energetic and enthusiastic early the next morning. On their way to the main hall, the group sees the two surviving Emissaries of Retribution emerge from the bunkhouse, evidently packed up for travel. Indeed these two Clerics of St. Cuthbert are departing for home. Without a word to anyone, they quit the enclave and hike south to the bog path.

The Corinthians are nowhere to be found. Jenny seems especially bright-eyed this morning; the leather-clad revelers did not keep her up late last night, retiring early with their injuries. Xorn notices the two half-Orc Rangers or Fighters in the hall; he gives them a nod, and they return the gesture.

Wee Jack leads the party out of the gate and sets their bearing for the approximate location of the mossy patch near the bog. Jere Collado reminds everyone that the Corinthians fought seven skeletons, and that Blunt-damage weapons are their best choice. Raygar Brightblade, Xorn, and Jacob Light-Bringer make the necessary adjustments to their choice of armaments.

On the down-slope towards the tangled trees of the bog, the party Spots the skeletons, still up and animated since being awoken yesterday by the Corinthians’ trespass. Seven-on-five is manageable odds; particularly improved when Cleric of Pelor Jacob Light-Bringer invokes a Greater Turn to destroy three of the lesser skeletons of the enemy platoon. Two of these held reach-weapon polearms. To everyone’s amusement, the third had a whip, which it did not have the chance to use.

Jere Collado casts Bless, and Divine Vigor, then Protection From Evil on himself. Jacob tries Light of Lunia, dispersing the spell into two blasts that fail to hit his targets.

Paladin Raygar Brightblade does very well in this fight, crushing a skeleton and contributing to his side’s success. Xorn and Wee Jack tangle with the skeleton leader in bronze breastplate and with a bronze spiked shield, carrying a Heavy Mace. This leader is tough and nimble. It wounds the Gnome and half-Orc seriously enough to require Cleric Light-Bringer’s medical assistance. But the party never loses focus, and the fight is won.

The haul is good; more than a thousand gold pieces, an Arcane-magic scroll, a flask of holy water, a high-quality lock, three flasks of Alchemist’s Fire, and two Tanglefoot Bags. Plus Masterwork weapons, a +1 magic bronze shield with Masterwork spikes, and the Masterwork +3 Strength Mighty Whip. And Cord armor of interest to no-one.

Lugged back to town, most of this treasure is sold off. Jere Collado wants to keep the lock; Dwarf Dredburn can mold and cast a replacement key for it for a reasonable price. This has been a successful morning, and the rest of the day is still ahead.

It is now mid-morning on the 26th day of March, by the local calendar.


(end of Part 17)


Noomfoodle Gobbliegook Pann is still Level 4.




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