Who’s Playing?

Our RPG group, often called “Friday Night D&D” (even if we’re not playing D&D), consists of the following players :

E.G. – our generous host and four-time D&D v.3.5 Dungeon Master (DM) for his original-storyline campaigns.  He is also a guest contributor to d20horizons.

C.H. –  the DM of our L5R “20-Goblin Winter” campaign.

K.R. – DM for his original-storyline D&D v.3.5 campaigns and admin for d20horizons.

A.T. – DM of his own original-storyline D&D v.3.5 game.

B.P. – if it’s a Dwarf, a Cleric of Pelor, or both – it’ll be B.P.’s character.

T.F. – he makes the long drive out almost every week, for what is probably a limited net-gain (ha-ha).

K.D. – master chain-mail armorer.  Got stuck up a tree once in C.H.’s L5R “20-Goblin Winter” campaign.

T.R. –  the group’s one female member and not coincidentally the one with all the smarts and mad skillz.  Her characters love to cook, and sneak-attack.

G.R. – DM of his own group’s 4th Edition D&D games, T.R.’s husband, World of Tanks expert.


A.B. – member-at-large; seldom dices but does attend on occasion to insightfully railbird.  Desperately wants to play a Mind-Flayer Barbarian.

M.H. – member-at-large; comes by 2-3 times a year now, when he’s not working on a writing project or otherwise artistically-engaged.

S.B. – honorary member-at-large; T.R. and G.R.’s friend, has never joined an adventure but has played the role of quiet railbird who indirectly makes everyone else try harder, ’cause she’s cool and everyone wants her to think they are, too.